I remember one Christmas when I was only a little girl, and my Dad turned up with this new contraption; a Polaroid Camera. It was a huge boxy looking thing, that did magic. My Dad would hold this box up to his eye, press a button and a piece of thick paper would come out the front. I would hold this blank piece of paper, blow on it, wave it about and just like magic an image, the very image my dad had just taken, would appear before my very eyes! My eyes would light up, I would squeal for Dad to do it again and again.... that was when I fell in love with the magic of photography.

I feel blessed to be able to capture smiles, laughter and moments in time for my clients. I want my clients when they see their gallery for the first time, to feel like I did that Christmas seeing the photograph appear before my very eyes; excitement, joy and love.

I choose to shoot in natural light to use our amazing surroundings as a backdrop. Whether you choose a local park, the beach, your home or even the urban scenes of Hong Kong, is your choice, I want you and your family to feel at ease.
I will not be asking for posed cheesy smiles, instead I will wait to see what unfolds before my eyes. So please do not be alarmed if I am not "clicking" continuously.

My style is described as whimsical, simple, dreamy and natural by my clients. I am not the right photographer for everyone, so do have a browse through my galleries to see my style of photography. I can promise that you will have a fun, unrehearsed and memorable couple of hours , and beautiful photos to treasure forever.